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Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination only $94
Brow Lamination w/ wax $105
Brow Lamintion w/ tint $124
Brow Lamintion w/ wax & tint $135

What is brow lamination: Brow lamination focuses on creating shine, smooth, thicker, fuller looking brows. Brow lamination straighten, shapes and correct hairs that just won't behave themselves using the same chemical as lash lift and It last up to 6 weeks. It fixes the solution of thinning and patchy natural brows.


  • Don’t get it wet for 24 hours (steam, warm water and saunas) The shape can change.

  • Do not pick or pull

  • Avoid sleeping on your face

  • If stinging or swelling occur, apply a cold dampened cotton pad. If it persists seek medical advice.

  • Touch up can be done after 6 week

  •  Can use castor oil to hydrate/grow your lashes or if you notice frizzy (means it’s dry)

  • DO NOT use brow serum, some of the ingredients can interfere with lash lift ingredient.
    (Brow lamination solution open the natural hair follicles to weakens and dehydrate the brow causing the bundle to come apart so we can reshape the brow.)

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