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Lash Lift

Lash Lift $99

We offer the perfect lash lift that will leave your natural lashes curled, lifted, healthy and shiny. After lifting, we offer a complimentary step 3 lash treatment that is proven to strengthen, re-hydrate and grow your natural lashes.


  • Don’t get it wet for 24 hours (steam, warm water and saunas) The curl can fallen.

  • Brush as needed

  • Do not pick or pull

  • Avoid sleeping on your face

  • If stinging or swelling occur, apply a cold dampened cotton pad. If it persists seek medical advice.

  • Can last between 2-4 weeks

  • Touch up can be done after 6 week

  • After/during natural lash growth, the natural lashes may look like a L shape and turn.

  •  Can use castor oil to hydrate/grow your lashes or if you notice frizzy (means it’s dry)

  • DO NOT use lash serum, some of the ingredients can interfere with lash lift ingredient.
    (Lash lift, open the natural lash follicles to weakens and dehydrate the lashes causing the bundle to come apart so we can reshape and curl the lashes.)

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