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Lash Envy Policy

Please no eye makeup, oil base product, or curling your lashes, if you do have make up around your eyes please be sure to arrive at least 10 min before your appointment to remove your eye make up.

Anyone who is under 17 years old would need a parent of guardian present to
sign a consent release form. Please call us with any questions.

**Cancellation Policy**
If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give courtesy of 24 hours notice or a $25 fee will be charge. If you are more than 15 min late, you will be consider as a cancellation.

****You'll received a message via text/call/email the day before your appointment to confirm your appointment. If you do not confirm, please understand that it is our policy to cancel your appointment and that will be consider as a $25 cancellation/no show fee. 

***Fill Price 
Classic Fill 
1-2 week $55
3-4 week $60
4+ week $65

Hybrid/Volume Fill
1-2 week $70
3-4 week $75
4 + week $80

Mega Fill
1-2 week $85
3-4 week $90
4 + week $95

***Fills, please keep in mind that if you loose 50% or more of your lash extensions, that will be considered a full set and you'll be charged for a full set price.   

Please click on the link below for appointment instruction.

***If you choose to cancel within 24 hours that will also be consider a $25 last min cancellation.

***There will be a $5 processing fee if you are using credit card/debit card.

***A mask is required at your appointment, if you do not have one there will be one for purchase.

***Stay in your car, you’ll see your name on a white board when we’re ready for you, you can also call or text to that you’re here
(651) 793-3569

***Please don’t bring a guest with to your appointment.

To confirm your appointment please text “C” back.


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